Hazel Menon, the  founder of WaxXXX (pronounced wax triple x), started a business in 2006 out of a pure love for waxing. Having observed an industry that seemed content with minimal improvements for many years, our quest was to create a wax that was of a quality unparalleled to anything else we had come across in the marketplace.

A wax made purely for the wax technician, yet customizable for our clients. A premium, yet cost effective, prescriptive waxing system.

WaxXXX is not just about waxing products or about hair removal. It is about understanding the art of hair removal and removing hair with finesse.

We think that the wax industry should be constantly striving for perfection, yet it is full of sales superlatives and bold, ambiguous statements:

Definitive waxing for us is: the perfect touch, the perfect feel, the perfect result. That’s what WaxXXX is all about.

We are the future of waxing

We are going Global

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, India, China and still continuing